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🔏 Right now, roughly 90% of assets in S&P 500 companies are intangible, a trend that will only keep growing. An intangible asset is an identifiable, non-monetary asset that lacks physical substance. The primary characteristics of such assets is that it’s based on contractual or legal rights. From another side, due to the valley of Innovation Death hinders many disruptive technologies to reach a commercialization phase.

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DeTech.World — Making Tech Assets Liquid with Web3 and AI

💥 With DeTech.World you can unleash the true potential of your intellectual property portfolio. Whether you’re a Technology Transfer Office, a DeSci community, or a seasoned industry leader, our platform empowers you to capitalize on your inventions like never before.

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🔒 With DeTech.World you can protect your intellectual property with blockchain, cryptographic algorithms and airtight agreements, ensuring your creations remain safeguarded throughout the monetization journey. We prioritize your IP’s integrity and provide you with peace of mind.

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Making Technology Assets liquid with Web 3.0 and AI