Tech IP NFT in Perpetual Derivatives

2 min readJan 26, 2023


Tech IP NFTs is one the novel ways to create new technology liquid markets. One particularly exciting use case for tech IP NFTs is in the world of derivatives trading.

Dr. Dmitri Sidorovitch thoughts about using Tech IP NFT in perpetual derivatives

Perpetual derivatives are a type of financial contract that allows traders to speculate on the price of an underlying asset without the need to settle the contract. They are similar to traditional futures contracts, but with no expiration date. The use of tech IP NFTs in perpetual derivatives trading allows for the creation of digital assets that are unique, verifiable, and can be traded on blockchain platforms leveraging tech advancements in different tech domains, e.g. AI, Robotics, Genomics, etc.

By using tech IP NFTs as the underlying asset in perpetual derivatives, technology assets such as early stage research, patents, and copyrights can be tokenized and traded on blockchain platforms. This allows for a new level of liquidity and accessibility for these types of assets, which were previously difficult to trade due to their intangible nature.

Furthermore, the use of tech IP NFTs in perpetual derivatives also allows for the creation of new types of derivatives contracts, such as options and swaps, on technology assets. This opens up new opportunities for risk management and hedging for technology asset holders and traders.

Overall, the use of tech IP NFTs in perpetual derivatives for technology assets has the potential to revolutionize the way these types of assets are traded and managed.