Simplifying Success: How DeTech.World Drives Tech Commercialization Forward

2 min readMay 16, 2023


Embarking on the innovation process is like walking the path of a samurai, embodying the spirit of relentless pursuit, unwavering dedication, and mastering the art of creation. 🌟

On the other hand, the number of innovators involved in addressing bottlenecks can vary depending on the organization and the specific challenges they face: resistance to change, limited market understanding, lack of collaboration and communication and complexities of intellectual property challenges and so on. ⚔️

DeTech.World — Making Tech Assets Liquid with Web3 and AI

We understand the challenges involved in the technology commercialization process, and that’s why we created DeTech.World — your ultimate solution for simplifying and accelerating this journey. 🤝

✅ IP Identification For Early Stage Innovations: from ideation to product development, our platform empowers you to connect and connect with a global network of experts, investors, and enthusiasts who can help you turn your vision into reality while cutting-edge cryptography algorithms and blockchain architecture provide robust digital identification and protection for your intellectual property (IP).

✅ Collaboration: Don’t tackle the complexities of commercialization alone! DeTech.World provides a collaborative environment where you can enhance your expertise and forge strategic alliances that will boost your chances of success. Together, we’ll unlock new possibilities.

✅ Investment and Funding: We understand the financial challenges startups face. Our platform provides you such capability as express licensing and crowdfunding functionality. Moreover, using our revenue sharing model allows you to enlarge the intrinsic value of your community and partners.

✅ Reputation Protection: Navigating the commercialization process can be overwhelming, moreover many innovations often face skepticism and trust barriers, especially, in their early stages. DeTech.World offers a solution for it: a reputational graph allows you to showcase positive reputation and credibility by highlighting endorsements, testimonials, and positive interactions from collaborators, partners, and industry experts. This builds trust among potential investors, customers, and collaborators.

Join the wonderful DeTech.World today and unlock the full potential of your innovation! 🌟✨

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