Establish secure channels and evidence records for your IP assets

1 min readNov 11, 2021

Collaborate with your partner, investors and employees.

During negotiations, business partners exchange confidential information, data, and documents. Your team of scientists built a living cell reprogrammed to recognize and kill cancer. You share the formula with Big Pharma to get funding. It discloses the main features of your product. Research funding has been delayed, refused, or granted at lower valuations by this company, which later uses your research, formulas, and methods for its own purposes.

This isn’t an uncommon scenario for scientists discovering scientific breakthroughs and sharing with additional parties. The most notable examples of evidence being: NDAs, technology transfer agreements or emails. Evidence of a non-disclosure agreement in a court is a step in the right direction, but may not comprehensively cover material aspects of the infringement. Consequently, you can have a non-disclosure agreement document without enough details to protect yourself.

With blockchain-based platforms, you can protect your digital assets before sharing them, regulate access rights, link NDA and policies to sensitive IP assets, avoid data leaks and access by unauthorized parties.

Make sure your innovation and improvements stay secret.

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