5 projects that use Web 3.0 in the field of biotechnology

2 min readAug 10, 2022

The impact of Web 3.0 extends not only to the Internet, but also to conservative industries. Many scientific discoveries are in the closed access or they are difficult to reproduce, and decentralized organizations are trying to change that.

For decades, the biotechnology industry has operated on centralized models. As a rule, scientists research the disease with government money, and then their patents fall into the hands of private companies. More and more organizations are striving to create an alternative to this model and make intellectual property and data in the field of natural sciences more democratic.

So here are five most famous projects that use Web 3.0 in the field of biotechnology.


BioDAO was created to become a permanent industry standard for financing biotechnological research and early-stage drug development projects. This DAO seeks to avoid the biased attitude of traditional investors towards “star” laboratories and serial founders of biotech startups.


CureDAO is an open source platform designed to investigate the effects of food, medicines and supplements on human health.


GenomesDAO is a project from the UK that positions itself as an analogue of popular D2C genome sequencing companies such as 23andMe. Such services offer to analyze the client’s genome and provide him with personalized information about the origin and health status. However, they often accumulate consumer data and sell it.

GenomesDAO performs the same services, but the data is stored in the company’s blockchain, where it is encrypted and accessible only with the user’s consent.


LabDAO is a network of scientists and engineers whose goal is to provide participants with a wide range of computing and laboratory tools. Just as open source has contributed to the development of information technology for decades, the DAO is working to overcome barriers that prevent access to life sciences for everyone, such as high cost, trade secrets and data that cannot be reproduced.


VitaDAO is an organization that promotes decentralized drug development, especially in the field of longevity. It seeks to eliminate a common limitation in the current biopharmaceutical model: intellectual property is often owned by private companies whose research and development is not always more efficient. All this affects both researchers and patients.

To do this, the DAO brings together researchers, industry experts and members of the public.

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